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Nighty Nighty to the Green Knight

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Broke down and braved the viral world to see a movie, The Green Knight. To minimize potential covid exposure, I went to the Broad Theater (A+ covid policies), and chose the first show on a weekday so it wouldn't be crowded. The movie selection was slim pickings, but I hoped The Green Knight would look good on the big screen, and gave it a go.

The cinematography was indeed gorgeous. And the costumes were pure Mardi Gras inspiration. Definitely going to figure out how to make a sumptuous crown with a built in halo. The diverse, talented cast was a plus. It was great to see Sarita Choudhury, who is underused by Hollywood. But the visuals and acting weren't enough to hold my attention.

However, because I couldn't make sense of the allegorical story, I never got hooked. Fans of the source material, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, might like this movie, but for me, it just dragged. I had too many questions about what was going on and the themes. Who was the Green Knight supposed to be? What was the deal with the Lord and Alicia Vikander (x 2)? Why so many severed heads? I could have turned to Google to find answers, but I was not interested enough to bother.

Still, it was a pleasure to go to the movies. Even though the movie wasn't my bag, neither the Broad's small popcorn and draft beer special, nor the change of scene disappointed.

Rating: 😐

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